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Audit & Assurance

Thanks to our network of experts, financial, corporate or contractual auditing, auditing is part of our business and makes us a benchmark in Africa and emerging markets. Our audit department, thanks to a structure that is both vertical and horizontal, based on rigorous standards and indicators, gives us a 360° vision for high-level management and optimization of our clients' results.

Financial Advisory

With a better understanding of the complexity of the emerging market and our perfect knowledge of local financial networks and the best investment sectors, we advise direct our clients towards high potential sectors with a guaranteed return on investment. In the placement how in the investment, we offer our clients visibility on the project and the development plan. Also and above all, we support our clients in the search for financing.

Analytics and M&A

Whether in the recovery, the search for growth, specialized out investment, SPACS, (special purpose acquisition company) or equity, we make ourselves available to investment funds or investors for a better investment either in companies with high growth potential and production sectors that are in a growth dynamic. We also support project promoters in these emerging markets with our banking network and suppliers.

Middle Marketing

The economic fabric of emerging markets is made up of several medium-sized companies, whose density supports consumption, and they are very dynamic and support GDP. We are present in this market to support companies that are looking for funds for development. Through our financial partners, we support these companies that need capital for their growth.

Legal Consulting

Our network of business law firms and experienced lawyers allow us to provide a complete service to our clients, for the mastery of treaties and international agreements and assist our clients in the legal management of their company or their project in relation to the legislation of their place of activity. They are also specialized in setting up and monitoring contracts. Multidisciplinary, they intervene in several sectors, in the production of goods and services.

Regulatory Risk

It is for us to bring a reading and a clear interpretation of the laws and regulations of the host countries of the activities of our customers. We support our investors in several sectors that are as sensitive as they are competitive, in Africa in emerging markets where a good command of regulations is strongly recommended.

The Company

F.N. BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES is a multidimensional consultancy, audit, analysis, support, development, project implementation firm in emerging markets with specificity for the African continent. With more than 20 years in the development of projects in Africa in emerging markets, we claim expertise and experience that makes us the best, able to support all who choose to invest in Africa. Africa, which is the continent of the future, where everything remains to be done and offers much better than average growth prospects and return on investment. We bet on Africa and we are the gateway for those who want to understand Africa before setting out, and also invest in it for those who would like to start from Africa and conquer the world. Entrust us with what you want to do in Africa and we will do the rest.

More than 25 years of experience consulting working while focused mainly on management of client relationships, organizational policies providing advice to address in handling client issues.

F.N. BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES multidimensional team, with proven experience in the development and assistance in the realization of turnkey projects, intervenes at all levels of the life of a project. Our areas of expertise guarantee our customers the assurance of control over the entire project cycle and even after the operation phase.

The safety of our customers and their investments is our priority. From studies to development through the realization of their project, we take steps at each stage of the project to accompany our client serenely.

Due diligence - Intelligence and analysis - Strategic vision – Organization - Support and assistance

Studies - Design (Project set-up, conceptual analysis) - Project management assistance (Organization of calls for tenders and public and private events or interest, etc.) - Assistance to the work of mastery - Juridical assistance - Finance research - Operational, Sustainability.

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